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Here are most of the instrumentalists that have performed in different editions of the International Festival of Chamber Music in Durres
Umberto Clerici

Prize winner at the most important international cello competitions, the “Antonio Janigro” in Zagreb, the “Rostropovich Competition” in Paris and the “Tchaikovsky” in Moscow. He performed in the Third Edition of the festival with Monica Cattarossi – piano. (website:

Wolfgang David

Violinist. As the winner of many competitions and prizes, W.David has performed in the major halls of music around the world.

He has performed in our festival in different editions with different ensembles of chamber music together with Austrian and Albanian musicians. (website:

Ami Flammer

Violinist, conductor and composer, winner of important International Prizes in the most important activities for violin. He performed in a solo program with the Ensemble “Stinët” and the violinist Bujar Sykja at the Fifth Edition of the festival. (website:

Kristi Gjezi

Violinist. Prize winner of various competitions for violin, among them, the first prize at the International Competition of Avignon (2005). He performed at the Second and Third Edition in a solo violin program and together with the pianist Louis Lancien. (Website:

Jonian Ilia Kadesha

Violin, winner of the special Prize “the best interpretation of H. Wieniawski’s works”, performs together with Marin Gjollma one of the most important Albanian pianists at the Fourth Edition.

Luca Magariello

Violoncello, just winner of First Prize of “ Kachaturian Cello Competition” in Armenia (Yerevan) June 2010,performed with the orchestra of the festival under the direction of Edoardo Narbona, organist, composer, conductor, winner of various awards and prizes.

Wolfgang Panhofer

Violoncel. Panhofer has been well received by the press , “A fascinating cellist absolutely brilliant”. He has been invited to perform in our festival in different editions together with Albanian and Austrian musicians. (website:

Alfred Pfleger

Violinist, one of the most engaged and most versatile Austrian musicians. He performed together with Ilse Montocchio (piano) and Irene Frank (violoncello), members of Ensemble “Creatives Centrium Wien” at the Fifth Edition of the Festival. (website :

Kiril Ribarski & Milica Sperovik Ribarski
The music critic called him “poet of the trombone”, “virtuosi”, “Paganini of the trombone”. They performed together in one of the concerts of the Third Edition.
Gottlieb Wallisch

Pianist. Wallisch has performed with leading orchestras under great conductors of the time and performed in the most important halls. He performed in the Fourth Edition of the festival together with W. David, W.Panhofer and with Albanian musicians. (website:

Mariana Leka
Soprano, and a soloist of the Theater of Opera and Ballet. She is the winner of important prizes from international festivals. She is well-known to the Albanian public and furthermore. She performed in the Fifth Edition of the festival being accompanied by the orchestra of arks directed by Edoardo Narbone.
Quartet “Bridge”
Composed by instrumentalists of different nationalities, members of the “Camerata, Friends of Music, Megaro Hall Concert, Athens”. They performed at the First Edition in the Hall of the Archaeological Museum.
“Climax” quintet

The “Climax” quintet is created by wind instrumentalists. Their repertory is pride of an extension that goes from the antic and classic, to the authors of the century, with the capacity to move with lightness and style.

Gianluigi De Pascalis (flute), Matteo Mazzotta (oboe), Tonio Stifanelli (klarinetto), Eugenio Guercia (horn), Dario Catanzano (bassoon).

Il Cenacolo Della Chimera
The instrumental ensemble “Il Cenacolo Della Chimera” is dedicated to the execution of the antic music with the original instruments. The musicians led by the violinist Enricco Groppo performed in the first edition in the hall of the Archaeological Museum.
MDI Ensemble

Was born with the idea of contributing to diffusion and improvement of contemporary music in Italy and abroad. Three of the musicians of this ensamble participated at the Fifth Edition of the festival.

Paolo Casiraghi (clarionet), Giorgio Casati (violoncel), Luca Ieracitano (piano).  (Website:

Edoardo Narbone
Conductor, organist and composer. He led the orchestra of the festival on the Fifth Edition.
Arlinda Morava
Soprano and Chamber Orchestra of the University of Arts in Tirana
Ermir Abeshi violine and Merita Rexha Tërshana piano
"Season" Ensemble
"Season" Ensemble concert, the violin soloist Daniel Auner, directed by Konstantin Ilievsky.
Chamber Orchestra of Milan
Concert of soloists of the Chamber Orchestra of Milan, Ninth Edition.
Trio Dyrrhachium
Nevila Kalaja, Herczegh violin and piano Merit Tërshana Rexha, Aristidh Prosi cello, ninth edition concert.