Music is well said to be the speech of angels



Eno Koco

The concerts that are held in this festival, are a true miracle and rich in content. Nevila deserves to get high evaluation for this enterprise full of artistic and esthetics values that it gives to the city.

Bujar Sykja
A serious attempt to organize the artistic life in the field of chamber music in Albania. The international festival of chamber music which is led by Nevila Kalaja, is an activity that deserves evaluation for the high value of the concerts and for their precious contribute in the artistic life of Durres, but not alone.
Isak Shehu
The Italian-Albanian Association of Arts and Culture which is led by Nevila Kalaja, an ambitious violinist with a clear vision on the artistic life and its need to raise the standards that time demands. They have build an all-including activity, which is a worthy representative of chamber music.
Luciano Condina (Italian flautist and director)
This festival is not only a beautiful tradition for the city of Durres, but at the same time ranks Durres among the cities that worthily represent themselves in the culture of classical music. The audience of this city is very critical, knows how to evaluate and knows to applaud only when it is deserved. Durres and its audience deserve more activities to be organized on his behalf.
Mirela Kumbaro (Culture Minister)
The most beautiful program for last eveningsof August in the beautiful Amphitheater with artists of most beautiful music !